Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms Before Death

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms Before Death

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms Before Death Lung cancer is a common dangerous pathology that occurs in malignant form. There are different stages of oncology. What are the symptoms that occur before death with stage 4 lung cancer?

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms Before Death

Stages of lung cancer: an overview

Lung cancer is caused by pathological changes in the cell structure of the organ. It is not yet clear why they are created. But to start the mechanism of development of the disease, many undesirable events are possible.

In cancer, there are 5 main stages: 0, I, II, II and IV. Thus, the fourth stage is the last. Such cancers are sometimes referred to as frequent and metastatic (since one of the most common and important characteristics of fourth-degree lung cancer is the occurrence of distant metastases in various organs).

  • Tumor sores are found in both lungs.
  • Cancer has spread to the pleura (a connective tissue film that covers the lungs and peels the inside of the breast) or the pericardium (pericardial bag).
  • There is a distant metastasis in the lymph nodes, liver, bone or another organ.

In stage IVB there are several distant metastases, several flocks in the same or different organs.
These include the following factors:

  • Smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • Radiation.
  • Work in dangerous industries.
  • Wrong diet.
  • Diseases of the respiratory organs.

One of the provocative phenomena is a hereditary predisposition. People with close relatives who suffer from oncology should be examined regularly as they are at risk.

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How often does the fourth stage of lung cancer occur?

Since no symptoms occur in the early stages, often at the time of diagnosis, lung cancer already has time to reach the fourth stage. Unfortunately, this picture is quite common.

Regular screening tests help to diagnose the disease in the early stages. The most effective method is computed tomography. According to the recommendations of experts from the American Cancer Society, at-risk people should be screened regularly: At the age of 55 to 74 years, they have been smoking for 30 years.

Symptoms of stage 4 lung cancer

Stage 4 lung cancer cannot be treated, so the only question is how much a person still has to live. The latter level of disease is tolerated very poorly by patients. They lose a lot of weight because the diet for lung cancer is poor due to loss of appetite. In addition, patients develop depression, which makes it difficult to carry out therapy.

Symptoms of lung cancer stage 4:

  • Constant feeling of drowsiness.
  • Attention disorder, orientation in space.
  • Language confusion.
  • Strong cough, usually agonizing at night. If there is plenty of ejection.
  • The mucus becomes dense, purulent and blood contamination is noticeable in it.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Difficulty swallowing food.
  • Swelling of the legs and arms.
  • Circulatory failure in the body, which manifests itself in venous places.
  • The development of anemia, which speaks of the lesion of the bone marrow.

In stage 4, the symptoms and signs of the disease are most pronounced, as metastases spread throughout the body and affect the brain as well as the visual and hearing organs. The patient suffers from severe pain, which torments almost the whole body. Strong painkillers help to get rid of this sign of cancer.

Causes of death of stage 4 lung cancer

There are many reasons why the patient’s death occurs in 4 stages of pathology. However, there are three main factors that precede death most often. The first is bleeding in the lungs. Bleeding does not occur suddenly. It is gradually developing. First, the patient notices blood contamination in the ejection and is then ejected with blood. Against this background, abscess pneumonia occurs, the lungs are completely affected, the blood vessels are destroyed, which leads to severe bleeding and death of the person. The cause of death can also be bleeding in the brain caused by metastases.

Another death factor is chemotherapy poisoning. Stage 4 lung cancer is not curable, so the patient’s condition is maintained using chemicals. Unfortunately, this technique also inhibits healthy body cells. In the final stage, the immune system is very weak and unable to combat the toxic effects of chemotherapy, causing the person to die. Another cause of death is the failure of respiratory function. In the advanced degree of disease, the lung tissue dies and the waste products of atypical cells accumulate in them. All this leads to obstruction of the airways and breathing difficulties. The patient develops severe shortness of breath, which suddenly causes the patient to lose the ability to breathe and dies of suffocation.

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A complication of lung cancer stage 4: pleurisy

In stage 4 of lung cancer, exudative pleurisy can occur, in which inflammation of the pleural system occurs and fluid accumulates between its layers.

Causes of pleurisy in cancer patients:

  1. Metastases in the pleura, which lead to increased capillary permeability, and fluid from these enter the pleural cavity.
  2. Metastases at the lymph nodes of the breast, which lead to impaired lymph flow, accumulate in the tissues and in the pleural cavity.

If the patient cannot breathe deeply during pleurisy, a persistent dry cough torments him due to an irritation of the nerve endings in the pleural, he feels constantly bad, feels weak. Over time, the shortness of breath increases, the person becomes pale, lies on the affected side, so that a healthy lung can better compensate when breathing. Fluid in the pleural cavity is detected by X-ray, computed tomography and sometimes ultrasound. A diagnostic pleural puncture is performed, and if the situation remains unclear, a video-assisted thoracoscopy is performed.

Stage 4 death conditions

In lung cancer, one person dies gradually. There are several conditions known as deaths. These include:

  1. Pedagogy. When there are disturbances of the central nervous system. The patient does not move, shows no mental activity, his skin becomes bluish, blood pressure drops. During treatment, this condition can last a long time.
  2. Agony. This period usually precedes the deadliest result. The inner systems of the body lose their function. At the end of this condition, breathing and blood flow are slowed down. The ordeal lasts a few hours.
  3. Clinical death. The activity of the body ceases completely, which makes it possible to determine death. A revival in 4 stages of oncology is not carried out.
  4. Biological death. It is recorded when the death of the brain and the occurrence of irreversible processes in the body are detected.

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms Before Death

How long can stage 4 people live with lung cancer?

Patients ask doctors how long can people live with stage 4 lung cancer? But no doctor can give an accurate prognosis. It is certain, however, that death is inevitable. This is despite the fact that there are many modern methods of dealing with oncology today. In the final stage of pathology, the internal organs are affected by metastases, which leads to their dysfunction. Therefore, patients often die not because of the malignant neoplasm itself, but because of the disturbance of the activity of an organ. If metastases occur in the heart, brain, kidneys, and liver, the person cannot live for a year. At best, patients can achieve a life extension of up to 5 years with the help of maintenance therapy. But such cases are quite a few.